Star Citizen - story mode vs sandbox mode - the depressive realisation

For the longest time, I've (somehow) convinced myself that parts one, two and three of Squadron 42 will be where CIG takes the player on a military journey through some war with some alien race, and that Star Citizen was an MMO sandbox game set in the same universe. Two completely different products. There are very different dynamics in a) story game and b) real sandbox...

a) story mode: get to ship, open canopy, call ladder etc. entering ship via side or front ladder allows the flagging twitch-gamer to take a sip of tea or coke. Scripted, with a fixed anim set.

b) sandbox mode: because you might be under fire (from your own MMO mischief) you might want the ship to prep itself like it's your gaming buddy and allow you to jump onto the ladder while running like some kind of James Bond adventure dynamic, ship begins to move off as you're getting into your seat. Not scripted, with clever use of fixed anim data and inclusive AI.
You basically have to make THE LADDER the (rea…

Star Citizen - IFS or Intentional Flight System - theblindmanshandsout control prototype

I realise Star Citizen's all about the machine I'm driving, currently... but that's because Star Citizen is still suffering from the legacy of its narrative-game military-cousin, Squadron 42.

In S42, as it's abbreviated, the player flies the status-relative ship and shoots the shit that the game throws at him. The story-machine knows where you are and can offer you timer'd events to deal with. It's all basically scripted, even getting into and out of the cockpit of your various vehicles is cinematically rendered, barring a little A.I. to add flavoursome richness to any generally vanilla gaming curve.

Star Citizen is a SANDBOX of opportunity for the plucky freelancer i.e. a very different beast.

And why not push the player through that very different beast in a very different, and unified, way. Whether you're walking along in your panties or flying the biggest ship in the 'verse, it shouldn't feel any different. It should feel instinctive, "I w…

Star Citizen - ILM or Internal Lighting Model - too many fake Hollywood-pop lights

Before I get onto my lighting polemic, ID Tech 666 is used to power Doom 2016, but Star Citizen looks better ... where it fails is in the Attentnion To Detail, and I don't mean in the machinery and guns and world and stuff, "I mean the gaming sandbox," and the general functionality of the interactive world and the re-spawning never-die hyperspace-generated-everything nature.

While it might seem okay to translate first-person or story-based narrative into a MMO, it doesn't work that way. An MMO is a place where 'the player' generates the content. It's not a place where a player is led by the nose. CIG, Squadron42 is already doing that.

The dev-team should be going back in and ripping out the guts of Star Citizen to re-establish what it should actually allow as a SGE or Sandbox Game Engine. Real sandbox innovations like the first-implementation-of skeletal foot align that's recently made it into 3.1.2. Hopefully in the future this'll be expanded to…

Ancient Architects - Stonehenge - were the stones always there?

as explained in this video by the Ancient Architects youtube page, it seems possible that all the giant Sarsens and all the accompanying Bluestones of the world-famous Stonehenge monument were local to the vicinity of Salisbury Plain i.e. not transported for tens or hundreds of miles, respectively.

Star Citizen - persistence and spawning - the existential debate

Star Citizen, the (supposed) sandbox companion to the Squadron 42 story version of CIG's near-$200,000,000.00 crowd-funded space-flight planet-exloring privateer-empire endeavour, has a persistence element attached to it involving logouts and insurance and re-spawning and...

What does it really mean, this Persistence?
WARNING: this might seem picky (in the extreme) but it's not, it's a really valid argument about the difference between story-games and sandbox-games.

Let's go back to basics. In the Squadron 42 military-story variant, CIG can play it like a conventional narrative-driven product where re-spawning makes sense to 'keep the action flowing' after you die or your ship is destroyed. But they've never admitted to what spawning really means in a Persistence-Verse context. In fact, they've never even admitted that Star Citizen has anything to do with the Military Campaign in Squadron. It's like Star Citizen is completel…

Star Citizen - Door-based gameplay - What are you funding?

Dear Backers,
to be honest, I think Squadron 42's gonna be all right...

Squadron 42 (the narrative arm of the Star Citizen franchise) is 'what Chris Roberts was always about' iff we track his career through Freelancer, Wing Commander etc. i.e. a series of cutscenes wrapped around a flight dynamic.

That's what Squadron 42 is, and it should do well. If they get the first chapter out. If they get the following two chapters out. Players love to be hand-held through an inter-active product-arc.

The real problem, as I see it, for CIG or Cloud Imperium Games is their so-called sandbox-variation known as The Verse or Persistent Universe. Why? Because the scripted scene, be it getting in a cockpit, be it moving from space to atmosphere, be it having a gun swinging on a player's back... yes, these are all scripted events... come up against the one thing CIG forgot to resolve.

Door-based gameplay.

Whenever you allow a programmer to 'move the player through a door' that …

Brian Foerster - Ancient Egypt - ten to twelve foot mummies in the Cairo Museum?

until the evidence exudes from the Egyptian records office, this is all decorative speculation on the part of Brian Foerster stood beside 'normal height' sarcophagii on the first floor of the Cairo Museum.

Either these GIANT sarcophagii contain'd ten to twelve foot mummies, or they're just decorations with nothing inside them but structural bracing. Maybe someone out there already knows whether this is a bullshit story or not...

If geopolymerisation existed at one point back in history, when alabaster and granite and limestone could be made chemically as a kind of concrete, then all this talk of AHT or Ancient High Technology is no longer needed - you could cut these 'stones' with a length of wet rope when they were still in their 'wet' or 'unset' state.