Sunday, August 30, 2015

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set

Free Planet has a new-ish Facebook presence...

Such is the dominance of the MEME on that particular society-driving platform, Free Planet has been in inspiration mode of late: here are a few.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mike Dargas - photorealism - the honey set

In his amazing hyper-realistic artworks, the 31-year-old artist Mike Dargas from Cologne in Germany depicts human models in a plethora of emotions – lost in thought or internal conflict, or simply relaxed and radiating a heavenly grace.

Here are a couple of his alluring HONEY SET images for your delectation (with an inset of the artist at work on each piece) certain of which remind this critic of the super-realist work of Gottfriend Helwein.


Mike has been painting since childhood, and developed his talents by later attending art school. He worked as a tattoo artist in his early twenties, and eventually opened his own studio in Cologne. Inspired by artists such as Dali, Breton and H. R. Giger, he began to experiment with surrealism and realism.

 Now, visit Mike Dargas' website if you want to see more of his lovely work.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

HC Unit - is light one dimensional - medium of light is the illusion

if you type into any search engine, "How is light (or electromagnetic radiation) made?" you get links to educational sites or science-wikis that say something along the lines of ...

Visible light is created by electrons within atoms in an excited state returning to the ground state (a lower energy configuration)... When the electron gains energy it moves to a higher energy level, then drops back to the ground state releasing its excess energy as light... [source HARTFORD]

...all very fine and concise when one thinks of knots of electron-ness orbiting an atomic nucleus... but the electron is a nothing-sized locus or point in space in this shell-based model of the atom. What science calls an 'electron shell' is nothing more than 'the place one should find electrons'. Statistically, an 'electron' is merely a ppm or potential positional marker for the Real Activity™ of the structure of that thing we call an atom, inner and outer contents i.e. shells and nucleus.

So, for the purposes of this exercise the inter-atomic electron is a point on an infinitely thin sphere, does this mean it has 'no dimensions'? And does the resulting photon of this ground-stating dimensionless electron have any dimensions other than those of the universe falling in to settle the debt of the original excitation of state. The wavelength of any settled debt depends on the excited material the debt is settled from; hydrogne's light being different from sodium's light and iron's light etc. Science contends that 'light' is a wave, but they only measure the wavelength, not the waveheight. Wave height, or amplitude, is reserved for the amount of light, so maybe the 'so-called light wave' has no discernible amplitude i.e. is (technically) one dimensional.

If the photon ISN'T dimensionless, then it would be subject to the same degradation of any electromagnetic signal over time. So-called red-shifting of stellar light i.e. the key evidence for The Big Bang Theory or Expanding Universe, could then simply be explained by TIRED LIGHT as the falling-in of the universe moves from the visible to the microwave 'light' region over the thousands of years of transit from distant star to earth-based CCD or eye.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dr Udo Ulfkotte journalist and author on RT Blows the whistle on Fake News!!

Remember, this news is from 2014 and NOBODY LISTENED - it's there for all to hear.

A top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions. He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media such as BeforeItsNews have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally fake! He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything! He talked about how the CIA gets control over all of the major journalists. He is sick of the lying and decided to go public with everything he knows. He’s already had 3 heart attacks and decided he didn’t care anymore about what they would do to him! He’s a real hero in my book! [source RT via Cephun]

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Geopolitics - Marvin Herndon - Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity

Coal fly ash is the killer.
well, well, well... so, after decades of ridiculing the Chemtrail Idiots, it seems like some Humble Pie is in order for the attack-dog barking nay-sayers.

According to a brand-new peer-reviewed report compiled by world-famous geo-physicist Marvin Herndon, WE'RE ALL TARGETS FOR GLOBAL ANNIHILATION.

Not just the Africans.
Not just the Arabs.
Not just the dissidents, terrorists and/or so-called radical elements of our so-called Society, or Thinkers.

EVERYONE is being assaulted (on a daily basis) by officially sanctioned CHEMTRAIL EXPERIMENTS involving the pumping of toxic coal combustion fly ash into our skies for weather modification and climate modification and other nefarious purposes. For years, chemtrail idiots have debated the air-borne source of heavy metals like barium and aluminuim and lead in our rain water and air, well...

 The research paper introduction goes on to explain the “potential environmental health risks” that are associated with the many trace elements which are concentrated in the coal fly ash repository.  Some of the more toxic and/or potentially poisonous elements are “arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, selenium, thallium, thorium, vanadium and uranium“. [source GEOPOLITICS]

EVERYONE who breathes this shit into their lungs day in, day out, WILL DIE A HORRIBLE AND GRADUALLY DEBILITATING DEATH. It better not be some sort of corporate long-term health-care for the elderly and infirm i.e. for profit, scam; that would be the ultimate in GIC or Global Insurance Cynicism. I mean, we are seeing a lot of over-50s insurance on TV these days, what do they 'really' know? Insider dealing on a chemtrails scale? Even the corrupt and immoral G3 or Global Gambling Game wouldn't stoop that low, surely? Its own people, its life blood?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

What Free Planet needs now, is love sweet love!

I woke up with this song playing in my head this morning, and I have no idea why. So, I thought I'd share with you, dear reader or three, what I think this might mean.

WHAT FREE PLANET NEEDS NOW... and I don't mean The People. I don't mean, "Be more empathic to your fellow man," that's never gonna work. Hasn't worked yet, maybe never will. What the Free Planet needs, now, more than ever... love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. Love for your Free Planet, now can you muster that, at least? Are you capable?

Now, if only I could find a version of this song with corporate employees clubbing baby seals over the skull, and corporate employees chopping off the hands of innocent men, women and children, and corporate employees knocking down the Twin Towers with their explosive charges so that they can earn their ruthless G3 or Global Gambling Game paymasters yet more profit.

Like they don't already have enough.

If only I could find THAT VERSION of this song, I'd be a happy bunny.
Free Planet is nothing if not strong on irony and bitterness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DICE - Mirror's Edge Catalyst - looking solid

here's a new clip of pre-alpha footage of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst game engine in action, and it's looking proper sexy, solid, especially at this pre-alpha stage in its development...

Mercenary Times - Briton was NEVER invaded.

HISTORY REWRITTEN: series one, issue one

"Britain was NEVER invaded," strong claim, I realise, but hear me out.

In English History lessons, at schools and colleges, we learn about the first century Roman Invasion of Britain, we learn about the sixth century Anglo-Saxon invasion...but did this really happen?

Evidence (and I'm not going to laboriously cite my sources, but they are valid ones I've studied for the last few years) strongly suggests that both these Historically recorded invasions of our island never took place.

What did happen then?

Well, let's not be so commercially crude about this treasonous transaction, let's call them Paid Bovver Boys or Hired Regulators were invited by certain BSL or British Slum Landlords to clear their land of local invaders or unruly neighbouring tribes. And this happened in both above cited cases of so-called 'invasion'.

In first century Briton, the Atrebates tribe in southern Britain most likely invited the Romans in to regulate for them against the Catuvellauni tribe, giving Rome (and the Vatican) a tactical and theological foothold it had been unable to obtain by forced invasion. Briton became stylised in a Roman fashion, where Britonic tribal leaders adopted Roman fashions and ways, not invaded in the sense we're taught. It's called Hadrians' Wall, but did the still-resident and ruling Britonic Council sanction the work?

In sixth century Briton, Vortigern cited as the Leader of the Britonic Council invited the Anglo-Saxons (who themselves might have been descendants of earlier Romano-Germanic legions in Holland) to regulate against invasions and tribal incursions from the Picts. Here, there's a more stunning revelation, remnants of the Bolivian comet of 592 AD might have cleared out most of the population of eastern/central Briton leaving a gaping geographical void into which the 'invading' Anglo-Saxons simply took up residence in larger numbers in the decades that followed. No massacre, no routing, just immigrational opportunism born of simple catastrophe from the skies.

All the while, the south-west of Briton and many parts of Wales/Ireland were doing BUSINESS with sea traders from Turkey and eastern Mediterranean via The Pillars of Hercules i.e. Gibraltar, and have probably been doing so for the last thousand years or more. City of London(sic) still trades the way it used to with and via these long-established global trade routes, except now it's all paper and digital rather than silks and spices trades for tin and copper and lead.

The story of BRITON is opening up to be quite the tale of Not Conquest, but Tactical Alliances; financial arrangements, opportunistic deal making and following of passing fashions.

In fact: if you look at the old Britonic tribes, painted in wode and naked and drug-using and multi-god Earth-worshipping, it's clearly plain that Brits used to look like ANY INDIGENOUS TRIBAL RACE one might have found until recent times in the Amazon Rainforest or the Pacific Islands. Britons would have looked like dark spirits emerging from the oaken woods to any invited-invaders meant to clean up the countryside and Romanise the landscape i.e. make Corporate Cities for Production to Ramp Up and Profit to ... profit.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Free Planet's new mantra - listen to Free Planet sing - rejoice for soon it will be returned to her

"I have not come here to give you Free Planet, I have come here to help Free Planet claim back what's rightly its."

In a perfect world, mankind would just 'disappear' from the face of the Earth for a hundred years or so, so that his Corporate Sins of Rape & Pillage could be appeased and the Free Planet rejuvenated. The 'free planet' wants it back from human corruption, for the sake of all the children's children. Free Planet wants an official (global) reboot; humanity failed, greed failed, share and make better is the only way forward. Now, what does Free Planet say about all this? That's the important question. And are we listening?

Meanwhile, here's a new 2015 FPM or Free Planet Meditation piece for you'all:

The original Brits are Basque? - Stephen Oppenheimer's DNA research - plus Bodmer update...

a couple of months ago, Free Planet told of the work of Oxford College's Sir Walter Bodmer that gave a strong case for the claim that The Welsh are the True British and this lends further weight to my current fetish with the Brythonic-Coelbren research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett who claim that there were two Welsh Kings called Arthur and that each kicked out both the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons during their respective reigns.

image © Bodmer/Wellcome
Here's a nice graphic from the above-mentioned Oxford-Bodmer research that shows a) most of the UK population up until the Roman Invasion of AD40 comprised of mostly Germanic Beaker people and b) there was a MAJOR MASS LONG-TERM MIGRATION of Northern French hunters or farmers, or at least people who contributed greatly to the genetic stock of the UK, some time after the original post-ice-age Germanic migration and some time before the Roman invasion.

If you look closely, you will see that the large wedge of Northern French pie that makes up the majority of southern British DNA is absent from the Welsh colonies, hence the statement that "The Welsh are the True British". But wait a minute...

And I asked this of Sir Walter Bodmer this morning, "Does this still leave the "Welsh" as early-Germanic from the post-ice-age migration? Or is it that you're only pie-charting those European components that are most likely for such an age? I'm asking are you initially-discounting a genetic contribution from the Mediterranean/Syrian/Egyptian sea-faring blood lines? Or are they just not their in the rural samples you've taken?" 

Bodmer replies, "The pre Roman migration suggested by our data was NOT a mass migration but probably a steady trickle over a long period of time , possibly simply people were looking for new opportunities. The Welsh are decidedly not early Germanic, whatever that means. It is their lack of obvious Germanic i.e. Saxon and the pre Roman contribution that makes them the best candidate for being closest to the original Britons. The rural samples has nothing to do with these basic observations except to enhance the possibility of having made them."

Interestingly, DNA-researchers like Stephen Oppenhemier have made a stronger case for The Basque People as being the original mass-migrators to these post-ice-age pre-Roman lands. I'd also like to see the linguistic connectivity between the Basque language and the Welsh language... but that's for a later post, maybe.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION #1: at the same time as these ancient Basque people (from northern Spain) moved up the coast into the UK, people from the Bordeaux region of France (known as the Clovis people) moved around the ice sheet into the east Americas. A massive impact event around this time caused the extinction of both the Clovis and Mammoth in the east Americas and may have started off the Younger Dryas mini-ice age that lasted 1,300 years.
New research by UC Santa Barbara geologist James Kennett and an international group of investigators has narrowed the date of a cosmic impact that triggered an abrupt cooling episode known as the Younger Dryas to a 100-year range, sometime between 12,835 and 12,735 years ago. [source PHYS ORG]

What I'm saying is, "As recently as 13,000 years ago, European mankind was nearly wiped out."

Remember how fragile and vulnerable humanity is on this Free Planet.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION #2: and here's Barry Cunliffe (mentioned at the end of the first Oppenhemier video) explaining/confirming how the Celts most likely originated in the Atlantic European coastal tribes i.e. Iberia or Basque. And how the Celts in Wales, Scotland and Ireland were the indigenous people later invaders like the Mediterraneans and Romans and Anglo-Saxons encountered.